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China will co-ordinate the construction of six major diesel industry talents

The outline of the national medium and long term talent development program (2010-2020 years) has been published recently. The personnel of the party and government, the enterprise management personnel, the professional and technical personnel, the high skilled personnel, the rural practical talent team and the social work talent team.

Wu Jiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Chinese Academy of Personnel Sciences, said that the division of six categories of talents in the Talent Planning is actually a great innovation.

According to "talent planning", China's talent development goal by 2020 has been clear: in the party and government personnel, undergraduate and above education accounts for 85%. In the enterprise management talent team, the total amount of international talents of state-owned and state holding enterprises is about 40 thousand people, and the leaders of state-owned enterprises have passed the competition. The proportion of sex selection is 50%. In the professional and technical personnel team, the total amount of professional and technical personnel is 75 million, accounting for about 10% of the employees. In the high skilled personnel team, the total amount reaches 39 million, of which technicians and senior technicians reach about 10 million; in the rural practical talent team, the total amount is total. To 18 million people, the average number of years of education to reach 10.2 years; in the social work personnel, the total number of social work personnel to reach 3 million people.

For these further refinement of the division of talent, Wujiang key interpretation of one of the highlights, that is, the first time for the social worker team. So what is the standard of classification for social workers? Wujiang said that the talent team of social workers is in fact a professional team that is able to engage in social public welfare undertakings around the harmony, stability and development of society. According to the "talent plan", by 2015, the total number of social work personnel reached 2 million. By 2020, the total number of social work personnel reached 3 million.



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