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Environmental protection diesel vehicle first enters China's policy subsidy scope

Environmental protection diesel vehicle first enters China's policy subsidy scope

In the "energy-saving product Huimin project" recently promulgated, the diesel passenger car was clearly stipulated in the financial subsidy range, and every 3000 yuan subsidy was given to the consumers who bought energy saving diesel vehicles. The release of this policy is the first time that the diesel vehicle has been included in the encouragement area in the history of our country. Experts in the industry say that by the east wind of the policy, diesel vehicles will start the blowout of the market. At this point, the three points of "technology, cognition and policy" faced by the popularization of diesel vehicles have been broken through.

technical obstacle

According to experts, for a long time, due to lack of advanced technology, China's diesel engine manufacturing has been at a low level. However, in recent years, China's diesel engine industry has made a qualitative leap forward, many domestic diesel engine manufacturers spare no expense to import advanced technology from abroad. It is particularly worth mentioning that the largest and most advanced and comprehensive technical cooperation platform in Asia has the largest and most comprehensive technical cooperation platform in the country. The company has established a close cooperative relationship with VM, BOSCH, Honeywell and other international parts and components enterprises, and integrates the three major technologies in the world, that is, Bo. The new generation of electronic control high pressure common rail fuel injection technology (CRDI), variable cross section Turbocharging Technology (VGT) and medium cooling waste gas recirculation technology (EGR) have become the only enterprises which have adopted these three advanced technologies at the same time.

The introduction and research of technology bring about the improvement of diesel engine performance. According to the European technical personnel, using the above three international leading technologies, the European engine green diesel engine can not only save 30% of the fuel consumption, reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by 25%, but also increase the power output by more than 50%, and truly achieve the energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency.

With the continuous updating of technology and the maturing of manufacturing technology, the technical problems of diesel passenger cars in our country have been basically conquered, and the new stage of rapid popularization of technology has been really entered.


Recently, the famous car companies have thrown olive branches into the "diesel engine" and launched the "diesel version sedan" one after another. Before, Volkswagen has been the main force to promote diesel vehicles in China, now Land Rover, Volvo and other high-end brands are also joined, for example, Land Rover, in China, 80% of the models sold in China for diesel. The demonstration effect of high grade diesel passenger car is obvious. At present, domestic consumers have greatly improved the bad impression of "black smoke and big noise" of traditional diesel vehicles, which are replaced by "strong power, clean environmental protection and high efficiency and low consumption".

This shows that the work of establishing a correct public understanding of diesel vehicles has been basically successful, which also provides a broader stage for the diesel passenger car market.

Policy clearance

For many years, the diesel passenger car enterprises, which have been devoted to technology and solid technology, are also earnestly looking forward to the favorable policies of the state. In the face of increasingly severe environmental and energy crisis, the state's need for advanced and mature energy saving and emission reduction technology is urgent. A new generation of diesel engine, which has outstanding advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection, has been recognized by the state and industry, and the diesel vehicle has taken the "policy".

In the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of China's auto industry announced by the government in 2009, it clearly pointed out the need to encourage the development of a clean diesel engine with a rising power in 45KW/L. In June 1st this year, the state also listed diesel vehicles for the first time in the implementation details of the implementation details of the energy saving vehicle for the "printing and issuing of" energy-saving products of Huimin project. To encourage the development of the object. Experts believe that the recognition and encouragement of the state will further promote the development and prosperity of the diesel vehicle market. Under the agitation of this policy Dongfeng, the domestic car enterprises have already seen new market opportunities. Huatai, Fukuda, the Great Wall and other car enterprises have announced their own diesel car plan, but the engine enterprises such as the uitd and Weichai, which are in the upstream of the industrial chain, prepredate the arrival of spring in advance. And take the lead in the preparation of technology and capacity. It is understood that the current green diesel engine has reached 300 thousand units and will reach 1 million in the future, and Weichai in the field of high-power diesel engine has recently announced its "hundreds of billions of green power plans", in order to regenerate the Kun.



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